Center for Evolutionary Learning

The Leap To Flourishing Organizations

The Center for Evolutionary Learning (CEL) is a global network of expert researchers and trainers, specialized in individual, group and organizational development. CEL designs and delivers highly innovative executive training programs for companies and institutions committed to evolving beyond sustainability – towards a flourishing state.

Our vision is a world where self-empowered individuals generate enlightened decisions, practices and initiatives within their organizations, for the benefit of all concerned stakeholders – customers, investors, employees, suppliers and partners, our society, and the environment.

Our mission is to be a trusted partner for corporations in the private, social and public sectors that are committed to evolving towards a flourishing state where the potential of individuals and organizations is fully realized.

The Center for Evolutionary Learning has the proven capacity to create virtuous behavioral and cultural change in leaders and organizations through the development of collective consciousness through highly innovative programs leveraging deep meditative practices.

Call To Action

We call upon all leaders and thoughtful individuals committed to the creation of flourishing organizations in flourishing societies to partner with us in any way they believe it can make a difference for themselves and their organization.  We are eager to listen, learn and share with you our experience and knowledge on how to realize a flourishing future for your organization and its stakeholders.

How are we different from other providers of executive education?