Research Approach to Evolutionary Learning

At CEL, we do not believe in developing general management programs to be offered as ”one-size-fits-all” solutions. Our aim is to construct the most appropriate interventions with, and for, your organization. We have thus designed a three-step process to meet both your organizational development goals and our research objectives.

Four E's to EVOLVE

EXPERIENCE: perceive the physical and psychological benefits connected to the practice of thoughtless awareness meditation and awakening of inner power.

ENQUIRY: on the basis of the insight gained from the experience, a deep introspection practice will facilitate the discovery of the root causes of individual and collective shortcomings.

ENLIGHTENED Aspirations: raising the personal and collective aspirations to contribute to societal development and well-being. Define a concrete plan of action to implement the required change in values and habits.

ENACTMENT: the process through which the action plan is carried out towards the actualization of change is carried out and the positive impact on individual, organization and societal well-being is enjoyed.



In a first phase we propose to conduct a diagnostic study of the psychological and ethical profile of a representative sample of employees and managers. On this basis, we produce a confidential report and propose an action plan.



In the second step CEL coordinates a set of jointly designed, training, coaching or change interventions, which will deliver the personal development outcomes identified in the Diagnose phase.



The final step consists in repeating the same procedure followed in the Diagnose phase to analyse the impact of the intervention conducted in the Evolve phase. The final report can include, if desired, a benchmark analysis vis-a-vis the CEL data base.