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Adult education is a key component of Life Long Learning and has a key role within all the EU strategies starting from Lisbon. It’s considered a “public good” and a public responsibility, with a cultural mediation role and a support social capital growth in terms of an increase of citizen participation, better health conditions and higher level of wealth and individual realization feeling, which are typical feature of Nonprofit. Despite the increasing attention of the EU towards Life Long Learning, adult education today isn’t developed enough. NOPROS intends to facilitate the access to Life Long Learning and the acquaintance of key and transversal competencies by using the Nonprofit sector as a tool. The project is co-financed by the Lifelong Learning GRUNDTVIG Multilateral Programme and is implemented by the following partners:


logo_noprosCenter for Evolutionary Learning (CEL) - NL
Tamat NGO - IT (
La Societa' dello Spettacolo - IT (
Association of Estonian Adult Educators Andras (AEAE Andras) - EE (
Centre for the Professional Training of Journalists (CENJOR) - PT (
National Media Museum - UK (
De-Charles Resources Ltd - UK (
Assist Social Capital - UK (
Lithuanian Education Trade Union (LETU) - LT (


CEL will contribute to the design of the educational interventions geared towards the development of competencies related to the management of socially responsible interactions with firms and of internal processes in civic society organizations. It will enhance the Learning Circle methodology through the "evolutionary learning" approach for personal empowerment and fulfilment. It will also give a specific contribution to the delivery of the educational interventions and the overall NOPROS Learning Circle experimentation that will leverage innovative pedagogical approaches based on introspective and meditative practices. Finally, CEL will contribute to the dissemination of the results to the different targeted audiences.

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