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The CEL approach supports an evolutionary cycle between research and learning that allows continuous transformational change.

We are about Flourishing

From Sustainable to Flourishing

Flourishing is a systemic condition in which humans and organizations nurture, develop and realize their highest potential in terms of individual and collective wellbeing. CEL facilitates the individual, organizational and systemic transformation that leads to the state of flourishing. This requires fundamental innovation, experimentation and cultural change in the way we understand and lead business to create economic and human value for all its strategic stakeholders.

We are about Evolution

From Individual to Collective Consciousness

Creating a flourishing organization requires a shift in mindsets, values and consequent behaviors. This is possible by developing collective consciousness within the organization. CEL offers several executive training programs leveraging the impact of thoughtless awareness on the expansion of our self-awareness to the broader collective consciousness.

We are about the Leap

From Mindfulness to Thoughtless Awareness

The word “evolution” evokes long periods of time. However, evolutionary processes have inflection points we call leaps, where transformation accelerates considerably before a new stage is achieved.

The practice of meditation is an integral part of CEL’s methodology. However, not all types of meditation are created equal – from relaxation to concentration and visualization, their effects vary widely. CEL’s methodology of choice (Spontaneous meditation) is based on thoughtless awareness and goes a step beyond popular meditation methods such as mindfulness. Thoughtless awareness is a heightened state of consciousness triggered by the awakening of a catalytic energy that resides in every human being. CEL has developed highly innovative programs which through the practice of thoughtless awareness bring about deep attitudinal and temperamental (i.e. mindset) changes that are critical to developing a flourishing state in organizations and systems.

Why meditation?