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Blenders (formerly SPK) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Belgium and active in Europe which over the past 30+ years has pioneered socio-economic innovation.

Blenders positions itself in the market as an independent intervention company. From the perspective of coupling sustainable entrepreneurship with strong social responsibility, Blenders seeks to develop untapped economic potential by connecting people, companies and knowledge institutions.


GOLDEN for Sustainability

GOLDEN (Global Organizational Learning and Development Network) for Sustainability is a global nonprofit which aims to tackle this question in the context of a global business-academia-institutions partnership and through the adoption of a large mix of methodologies, the most important of which is field experiments, designed in collaboration with companies, on specific change initiatives that innovate on a part of their existing business model. Field experiments offers a chance for companies to approach complex challenges together with experts in fields relevant in the context of sustainability.



Since 2003 impact has been offering consulting, training, coaching and workshops for the European market and abroad. Its client list includes more than 100 clients such as corporations, national and international public authorities, academic organizations and small-to-medium businesses in 23 countries across 4 continents. impact focuses mainly on leadership development, sales and negotiation, teambuilding, mediation, research, and quantitative/qualitative assessments. In partnership with the European Union and the CEL team, impact delivered research on non-cognitive introspective coaching in project RESPONSE which is one of the world’s largest studies on CSR.


Be The Change Consulting, Cape Town, South Africa

Be The Change Consulting (BTCC) is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and provides a training and consulting portfolio tailored for the South African market focussing on Corporate Change Processes, Sustainability, Cross-cultural Business Issues, and International Business Challenges.