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In order to establish deeply rooted transition processes towards sustainability in organizations, interventions must work on both the individual and the organizational level in parallel, since change in the individual represents the nucleus of deep organizational change. Some organizational changes have been leveraged by interventions on the individual level alone, and such results can be impressive. However, in order to achieve lasting and substantial organizational change, a dual approach is needed:

1) Sustainable Development

The introduction of change interventions that increase sustainable business practices following the triple bottomline (social, environmental, financial) approach throughout the company. These changes need to take place on all core levels.

2) Consciousness Development

The embedding of reflective and meditative practices in business processes (involving internal as well as external stakeholders) both at the individual and organizational level. These practices are not focused in all cases directly on business aspects, but rather on the individual and team aptitudes required for the corporation to flourish.

Individual practitioners of meditation and the cognitive leap it engenders will in themselves make a difference in the microcosm of a business departments. However, collective benefits can be yielded for the entire company, if meditative practices are expanded and accompanied with other strategic measures directed towards economic, ecological and social sustainability. A flourishing organization will address with its strategy the needs of all its stakeholders. Developing individually and collectively using meditation and experimentation in parallel with sustainable transformation initiatives in the core business can correct imbalances and bring a company towards a flourishing state.


What Clients Say

“We have had high expectations of Project RESPONSE and we have not been disappointed. The findings themselves have great value and should provide a sound evidence base for companies to combine a progressive approach to sustainability with high performance and competitiveness.” (Gunther Verheugen, Vice-President, European Commission)

“Project RESPONSE has been the most comprehensive CSR study ever done in terms of its research design. We especially applaud the innovative, collaborative design and governance, and getting both the outside in/inside out view of all the stakeholders engaged.” (Gilbert Lenssen, President, European Academy of Business In Society)