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The Silent Leader is a new and alternative development program based on specific meditative practices (Spontaneous meditation) that are backed up by 15 years of research and numerous case studies. It is a singularly effective answer to the growing challenges of modern business, aimed not only at creating flourishing individuals and organizations but also at contributing to global systemic solutions.

The program empowers managers and leaders to go beyond the limits of their mind and conditionings by enabling an elevated state of consciousness called “thoughtless awareness”. Being and functioning in that state allows managers to touch their true self which according to C. G. Jung can lead to the realization of the collective purpose of a human being. Through the practice of Spontaneous Meditation, the awareness is expanded into “collective consciousness”. This new dimension of awareness opens the doors to heightened intuition and creativity that enhance the quality of decision processes and their outcome.

Through this process, Silent Leaders become equipped to be on top of critical situations, no matter how challenging they may appear. They are capable of remaining in the bird‘s eye view through the practice of meditation and are thus ready to develop flourishing solutions based on their systemic perception. They are able to beyond the tensions of daily strife and pinpoint intuitively the underlying principle and solution for the situation at hand, correcting its root cause.

Through the regular practice of Spontaneous meditation and associated non-cognitive introspection, the Silent Leaders program participants achieve a wide range of practical know-how which can measurably enhance genuine leadership qualities.


What Clients Say

“I have been impressed by the unsolicited feedback I received from Microsoft employees and managers who took part in the meditation training programs: they all speak of a significant improvement in their quality of life and well-being, expressing gratitude for the valuable experience that they were offered.” (Jean-Philippe Courtois, Microsoft International)